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Product Development with Pride and Care
gUniqueh products that no other companies can imitate.

From its foundation, our company has been dedicated to achieving distinctive creativity and development force within our operations. gDevelopment of unique products that no other companies can imitateh has been our standard policy throughout our history.

Following the footsteps of the Parama Co., Ltd, our predecessor organization and also manufacturer/developer of the worldfs first automatic sphygmomanometer, the Parama-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. Soon after the establishment, we developed and started selling one-of-a-kind sphygmomanometer that included a built-in Pulse Wave-Korotkoff Soundgraph. Accurate blood pressure measurement as well as observation of hemodynamics was made possible by this unique accomplishment. In 2001, our portable Personal ECG Recorder, which was also the first in the world, made ECG measurement easy and accessible at any time.

Today, all of our staff come together strongly and continue to work hard towards the development and improvement of medical devices that help our health. While our companyfs three key objectives* promote our daily operations, gcontribution to the advancement of life expectancy in the whole worldh continues to be the Parama-Tech slogan that supports our pride and care for our product development efforts.

* Refer to the Corporate Philosophy.

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