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October 1988 Established Parama-Tech Co., Ltd.
PARAMA CO., LTD. accepted and transferred all manufacturing rights approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, brands, trademarks, copyright, manufacturing tools or all related equipments to PARAMA-TECH CO.,LTD.
February 1989 Granted the permission from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to manufacture FT-100 Full Automatic Sphygmomanometer.
August 1989 Acquired a site for a new factory in Shizuoka.
January 1990 Inaugurated the Shizuoka Plant.
August 1990 Granted the permission to manufacture three (3) models of automatic sphygmomanometer UM-15 series.
September 1990 Granted the permission to manufacture of automatic sphygmomanometer.
December 1990 Acquired a site for research center in Dazaifu-city, Fukuoka.
February 1991 Appointed Mr. Hisanobu Sugano, Emeritus Professor University of Occupational and Environmental Health to act as a Director for Research Center.
January 1992 Inaugurated Bio-Monitoring Research Center.
December 1993 Signed the exclusive agency agreement with Shin Jarl International Co., Ltd. from Taipei, Taiwan.
October 1996 NEW FT-200 sale started.
June 1997 NEW FT-101 sale started.
October 1997 Body Fat Analyzer, BF-101 sale started.
December 1999 Purchased a new factory.
May 2000 Relocated head office and factory.
December 2001 Developed and manufactured EP-201 and EP-202.
July 2002 Newly introduced EP-201and EP-202.
January 2004 ISO 9001 registered.
January 2004 ISO 13485 registered (Personal ECG Recorder) .
October 2004 ISO 13485 registered (Automatic Infusion Control Equipment, Electronic Sphygmomanometer) .
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