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Blood Pressure Q&A

What is blood pressure?
The heart is the organ which pumps blood around the body. Pressure created in the blood vessels while pumping blood is called blood pressure. The heart is expanding and shrinking while pumping. The heart is smallest, pressure in the blood pressure and the pressure which the heart returns to the normal size is called low blood pressure. Thus blood pressure is not stable, rather constantly changing.
What is the standard blood?
Hypertension, as defined by WHO(World Health Organization), occurs when high pressure is equal or greater than 140 and minimum blood pressure is more than or equal to 90. It is the normal pressure if the maximum blood pressure meets the condition which is both are equal to or less than 90. Also it makes the boundary area hypertension in this middle.
How does blood pressure change in a day?
Blood pressure and body temperature are low when sleeping, gradually increasing with increased activity. Because the blood pressure is changing under the influence of the environment with movement, meal, stress and temperature it is important to know a rhythm with its blood pressure and when the blood pressure rises.
Why the blood pressure value is different measuring at home and in a hospital?
For most people, their blood pressure reading will be higher in hospital than usual blood pressure value, it is called white coat hypertension. Because the blood pressure is changeable when there is a big difference value of the blood pressure, you should see a doctor.
Why is hypertension so dangerous?
Blood pressure tends to go up as one gets older. The number of people from 30's who suffer from hypertension is increasing and more than half who are over 70's tend to have hypertension. When hypertension occurs, blood pressure is higher than normal and artery or heart damage can occur. The arteriosclerosis happens by such a strong pressure. When such condition is continued for long, it results is causing the complications of the cerebral apoplexy and the cardiac disease and so on. It is said that it progresses as there are not subjective symptoms and one for every five Japanese suffer from the hypertension in which kidney gets damaged.
How to prevent the hypertension?
  1. Keep salt less than 10g per day.
  2. Avoiding stresses and irritation which raise blood pressure.
  3. Quitting or reducing smoking because it compresses veins, increasing blood pressure.
  4. Maintaining a nutritional balance at the rate of vegetable fat 2 of one adipose.
  5. Eating green color vegetables to prevent constipation.
  6. Keeping your weight within normal size.
  7. Exercising daily.
  8. Limiting your alcohol consumption.
How to measure the blood pressure properly?
  1. You should keep quiet for five minutes before measurement.
  2. You should urinate before measurement.
  3. You should have 30 minutes rest after a meal,exercise or smoking.
  4. You should relax as much as possible because the blood pressure changes easily.
  5. ※Your arm should be positioned at your heart level.
    1. Air in a cuff should be pulled out completely.
    2. The center of cuff should be inside your arm. When you roll up a cuff, you should have enough space as putting a few fingers between the cuff and your arm.